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 Communication in which information is always transferred in only one preassigned direction. One-way communication is not necessarily constrained to one transmission path. Examples of one-way communications systems include broadcast stations, one-way intercom systems, and wireline news services.
 A telecommunications cable in which one or more optical fibers are used as the propagation medium. The optical fibers are surrounded by buffers, strength members, and jackets for protection, stiffness, and strength. A fiber-optic cable may be an all-fiber cable, or contain both optical fibers and metallic conductors. One possible use for the metallic conductors is the transmission of electric power for repeaters. Synonyms optical cable, optical fiber cable.

 Open Systems Interconnection Pertaining to the logical structure for communications networks standardized by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Adherence to the standard enables any OSI-compliant system to communicate with any other OSI-compliant system for a meaningful exchange of information.