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 Internet Control Message Protocol - An Internet protocol that reports datagram delivery errors. ICMP is a key part of the TCP/IP protocol suite.The packet internet gopher (ping) application is based on ICMP.
 1. The meaning that a human assigns to data by means of the known conventions used in their representation.
2. In intelligence usage, unprocessed data of every description which may be used in the production of intelligence.
 The process of moving messages containing user information from a source to a sink. The information transfer rate may or may not be equal to the transmission modulation rate.
 A worldwide interconnection of individual networks operated by government, industry, academia, and private parties.The Internet originally served to interconnect laboratories engaged in government research, and has now been expanded to serve millions of users and a multitude of purposes.
 The process of interconnecting two or more individual networks to facilitate communications among their respective nodes. The interconnected networks may be different types. Each network is distinct, with its own addresses, internal protocols, access methods, and administration.
 Internet protocol - A DOD standard protocol designed for use in interconnected systems of packet-switched computer communication networks. The internet protocol provides for transmitting blocks of data called datagrams from sources to destinations, where sources and destinations are hosts identified by fixed-length addresses. The internet protocol also provides for fragmentation and reassembly of long datagrams, if necessary, for transmission through small-packet networks.
 An Internet Protocol (IP) which is designed to be an evolutionary step from IPv4. It is a natural increment to IPv4. It can be installed as a normal software upgrade in internet devices and is interoperable with the current IPv4. Its deployment strategy is designed to not have any flag days or other dependencies. IPng is designed to run well on high performance networks and at the same time is still efficient for low bandwidth networks. In addition, it provides a platform for new Internet functionality that will be required in the near future. IPng is intended to support Internet traffic for many years into the future by providing enhancements over the capabilities of the existing IPv4 service. IPng Implementation and Specifications IPv6 Security vs. SSL
 Integrated services digital network - An integrated digital network in which the same time-division switches and digital transmission paths are used to establish connections for different services. ISDN services include telephone, data, electronic mail, and facsimile. The method used to accomplish a connection is often specified: for example, switched connection, nonswitched connection, exchange connection, ISDN connection.
 International Organization for Standardization - An international organization that consists of member bodies that are the national standards bodies of most of the countries of the world, is responsible for the development and publication of international standards in various technical fields, after developing a suitable consensus, is affiliated with the United Nations, and has its headquarters at 1, rue de Varembé, Geneva, Switzerland.
 International Telecommunication Union - A civil international organization established to promote standardized telecommunications on a worldwide basis. The ITU-R and ITU-T are committees under the ITU. The ITU headquarters is located in Geneva, Switzerland. While older than the United Nations, it is recognized by the U.N. as the specialized agency for telecommunications.