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Necessary basics to understand networking
Here you'll learn more about functions of dedicated networks
 protocol layering 
A stack of protocols, each one build upon the one below
 load control 
If you want to know more about congestion or flow control
 error control 
Transmission errors and how protocols deal with them
 connection management 
Learn how do build up and tear down connections
Topics related to group communication
When something unexpected occurs or you want to test the Internet... let's see how ICMP supports you
The connectionless transport protocol of the Internet protocol suite
A connection-oriented, reliable transport service on top of IP
Learn how the Internet Protocol works!
Here you'll find topics around the multimedia transport over the internet!
Learn more about the most important LAN protocol
 LAN mechanisms 
Special aspects of Local Area Networks
 wireless LAN 
Topics around wireless local area communication
Translation between hostnames and IP addresses is the main task of DNS. See how this works!
Establishing voice calls over the internet and more ...
VoIP, Video on Demand and other multimedia applications over the Internet!
 video in internet 
Discover how different parameters influence the quality of the video and audio transmission and presentation.
This is about internet security - including firewalls, VPN, NAT, ...