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Bit Rate

Bit rate is the amount of data transferred per second.

When you encode video, you choose a bit rate for the encoding. A higher bit rate allows more motion in the video, larger files, better frame rates, larger pixel dimensions and better sound quality.

The following examples allow you to compare videos with different audio and video bit rates!

  Video Audio
Example 1 400 KBit/s 64 KBit/s
Example 2 150 KBit/s 64 KBit/s
Example 3 50 KBit/s 32 KBit/s
Example 4 30 KBit/s 16 KBit/s

Please select one of the given choices and press the Open button. But be careful, for each selection a new window will be opened. If you want to compare the different possibilities, move the windows until you can compare them.